Macaw Parrot Bird Abalone Paua Shell Pendant Necklace

Very colourful macaw parrot bird pendant on 18" (45 cm approx.) trace chain.

Handmade inlaid red, green and blue Paua shell and red epoxy red, green and blue perched Macaw pendant.

Aside from being bright and loud, in some cultures, Macaw parrot symbolises that anything is possible now, sending a message that one should pay attention to what is happening around…one can be very lucky!

Made of hard wearing and hypo-allergenic imitation rhodium plating.

Comes in Tide Jewellery presentation box…a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

All products are nickel, cadmium & lead compliant.

Pendant:  5.5 cm approx. (2 1/4" approx)


Beautiful Natural Paua Shell

Ancient Maori people named Paua shell as “The gift of the God of the sea.” It is often referred to as the “Sea Opal” due to its striking blues, greens and fiery flashes and the iridescent patterns that change as they catch the light. It is the most sought-after amongst the varieties of Abalone, making each piece of jewellery unique.

According to Maori practice, giving beautiful Paua shell is considered extremely lucky and is believed to bring sensitivity, harmony, prosperity, and peace to the wearer. Paua shells were used to treat ailments and health conditions including, deficiency of calcium, hearing problems and nervous system disorders.


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